Unisex 'Binaysee' T-Shirt
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Unisex 'Binaysee' T-Shirt

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Binaysee, the Thunderbird is one of the teachers and healers for the Anishinabe. The Binaysee bring life and protection for us, their gentle rains nurture not only the land but us as humans also. We could not live without the rain, we could not live without water. Their rains also come fierce, protecting us from things we can not see. The lightning striking from Thunderbird's eyes as they battle the darkness that lingers on the earth. They do this for us all and as they leave, they leave us with a rainbow to let us know they have been successful and we can rejoice and feel good in our hearts for their love, healing and protection. 

Binaysee has a very special place for the Anishinabek,and has a very significant impact on myself and so I wanted to honour the Thunderbird. This design I created shares the elements of the most common Thunderbird design used. To me, I have seen this design throughtout my life and so it is one I have come to relate to the best.

I have added the elements of the lightning, and the hailstones through his wings and tail. The spaces on his tail signify the winds and a large heart in his chest signify the love he has for all. Binaysee, the largest bird is the true Ogiimaa of the bird sky, so he has elevated feathers to signify his crown. 

- 100% Ringspun Cotton Very soft to the touch!

- True to size

- Small batch, Handprinted by me in Sagkeeng MB.

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