‘Awatchi’s Gashkibitaagan’

  • $90.00

- 13”/12”/2.5”

- 57” Adjustable Strap 

- Zippered Top Closure

- 1 Inside Zippered Pocket & 2 Slip Pockets


I have always been very fond of our art, and more specifically the different styles of medicine bags and bandoliers. The interest had peaked even more so in my teen’s after reading stories left behind by my Great Grand Father on my Mother’s side, ‘Awatchi’. He was born in the bush on a trapline on the East side of Lake Winnipeg where he spent his life. Like many of his day he couldn’t speak any English so his stories had to be translated. He talked a lot of ceremonies he went to as a child, with his parents on Lake Winnipeg.  I was a little kid when he passed away and he was a very old man whom many people knew. He was known as an artist, a creative type, a gentleman who also played the fiddle. I wish I could have listened to his stories and understood them and their importance. I wish I could talk to him now and to listen to his stories of the past. 

To honour him I created this Cross Body Purse in resemblance of the coveted bandolier bags, which were used by our holy people and had much significance in ceremony. 

I present to you - Awatchi’s ‘Gashkibitaagan’.