Welcome to Nishiin Designs Website

Welcome to my website! My vision is to offer all appreciators the opportunity to express themselves and their appreciation for original Anishinabe art/designs through everyday accessories.

I pride myself in the quality of my work and always do my best to make items that I would be proud to use.

All items are handmade to order, unless otherwise stated. Sometimes I do offer items ready made, I usually post these on my social media. Please allow 1-9 business days for all other products to be shipped. (Although I have been pretty good for having items shipped same or next business day, I still ask for this space of time in case there is a backlog of orders).

All of my items are exclusive to my shop. I create my designs from my visions and heart and digitize them on my own, so they are all unique. I love the traditional styles of floral work for my region and tribe and try my best to replicate the 'old style' and integrate the local plant life other times I do like to add contemporary florals and designs as accents.

I urge everyone to continue to support other First Nation artists/businesses like my own. We all offer unique styles, designs and concepts but have one dream in mind, which is to share with the world our beautiful culture.